Digital Photographic Restoration is a way of restoring damaged photographic material to its original condition.

Photographs can fade due to the action of sunlight, suffer from water damage, spills, stains, finger marks, fire damage or collect creases from bending/folding, or may even be torn into several pieces.

Because the amount of damage on a photograph can vary so too can the amount of work needed to restore it and therefore the price of the restoration job.

Photo Restoration Services can offer you a no obligation quote and only if you are happy with the price will we proceed with the work. Prices start from just £15.00 for basic restorations, rising to around £40.00 to £100 for more complex jobs.

  • Restoration-dust, scratch, stain removal, color/fade correction, and repair torn or missing parts of an image.
  • Photo montage-have all your favorite memories of a special occasion combined into one single image as a center piece.
  • Tinting/re-coloring-have those old monochrome pictures restored and brought to life in color.
  • Background replacement, removal or modification.
  • Bulk scanning and archiving to digital media for TV/PC,  and digital photo frames.
  • Slide and negative scans-from 10 mm film strips to medium format.
  • Shareable web galleries, share your memories online anywhere with a word press image gallery.
  • File recovery, have you removed any images or files from your camera or PC by mistake, PRS may be able to rescue them.
  • Glass plate negative copying and restoration service.
  • Stills capture from 8-16 mm Cine film.

In addition to the above, I am available for event photography-to view samples follow the link below:

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