Sending Images

Want to send your images to PRS?


Through the postal system: 

1. Put your image/images in an acid free plastic pouch available from your local photographic dealer (food bags are a suitable substitute for this), and packaged in a reinforced envelope, including your return address.

2. Include your contact details, and a brief description of your requirements.

3. Send your images by recorded delivery in a stiff envelope or Jiffy bag to avoid any additional damage.


Worried about sending your precious hard copy through the postal system? It’s easy to copy your own images if you have scanning and computer hardware- just follow these simple instructions:

1. Set your scanner to at least 600 dpi resolution.

2. Set the scanner to colour photo (even for a black and white image).

3.Save the image as a JPEG file on your computer.

4. Email your image to for a free estimate.

There is a file size limit of 50MB.

Not happy to send files, call PRS to arrange a home visit (Lancaster area only).

 Note: PRS cannot guarantee consistent results for files sent in this way.